2014 Primary Election Candidate Information

The Blessings of Liberty has compiled a list of background information on every south Mississippi candidate in the 2014 Primary Election.  They are listed below with a hyperlink to posts with their views and additional links.

Several Reform and Libertarian Party and Independent candidates are campaigning for the U.S. Senate and House but do not have Primary Elections.  Information on those candidates will be posted in the future.

Mississippi has open Primaries; voters can vote in either Primary regardless of political party affiliation but cannot vote in both.  The 2014 Primary Election in Mississippi is June 3rd.

Democrat Primary
Democrats for 4th Congressional District:
Democrats for U.S. Senate:
Republican Primary
Republicans for 4th Congressional District:
Republicans for U.S. Senate:

More information will be posted at The Blessings of Liberty as it becomes available.

Democrat Primary U.S. Senate Candidate: William Bond Compton, Jr.

According to Ballotpedia, Williams Bond Compton, Jr. campaigned for Mississippi Governor in 2011 but lost in the primary election.  Little else is known about Compton except that he is apparently a science teacher at Meridian High School.

This post will be updated if and when information becomes available.

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