Yes, There is a Democrat Primary on June 3rd

Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate Travis Childers and 4th Congressional District Democrat opponents Trish Causey and Matt Moore met last Thursday to promote the Democrat Primary on June 3rd.

Childers emphasized his commitment to public education and against education vouchers.

Causey emphasized her advocacy for women’s and gay rights.  Moore stated that, based on Democrat numbers alone, they should be able to win in the general elections despite Mississippi being considered a Republican stronghold.

All 3 expressed commitment to a minimum wage increase, healthcare coverage for the working poor, and women’s rights.

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2014 Primary Election Candidate Information

The Blessings of Liberty has compiled a list of background information on every south Mississippi candidate in the 2014 Primary Election.  They are listed below with a hyperlink to posts with their views and additional links.

Several Reform and Libertarian Party and Independent candidates are campaigning for the U.S. Senate and House but do not have Primary Elections.  Information on those candidates will be posted in the future.

Mississippi has open Primaries; voters can vote in either Primary regardless of political party affiliation but cannot vote in both.  The 2014 Primary Election in Mississippi is June 3rd.

Democrat Primary
Democrats for 4th Congressional District:
Democrats for U.S. Senate:
Republican Primary
Republicans for 4th Congressional District:
Republicans for U.S. Senate:

More information will be posted at The Blessings of Liberty as it becomes available.

POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Cochran, McDaniel stir Mississippi’s politics | Daily Journal

Ed Holliday and James Hull provide their respective viewpoints in the Daily Journal’s POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Cochran, McDaniel stir Mississippi’s politics on April 12th.

Ed Holliday supports Chris McDaniel and notes the Democrat interest in pitting McDaniel (instead of incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran) against likely Democrat nominee Travis Childers, whom James Hull supports.

Democrat Candidate for U.S. Senate, Bill Marcy, Interviewed on Gulf Coast Mornings

Bill Marcy is running to represent the Democrat Party in the 2014 bid to replace Sen. Thad Cochran in November.  First, he must win the Democrat Primary against Travis Childers June 3rd.

On Friday, April 11th, Marcy was interviewed on NewsRadio 104.9 FM Gulf Coast Mornings.  With host Steve Taylor addressing Marcy’s switch from Republican to Democrat, Marcy openly stated that he is really not happy with either party but that by running as a Democrat, he can capture the black voter base that refuses to vote for a Republican.

Emphasizing that he is a conservative with libertarian leanings, he believes the government is way to involved in people’s lives.  Marcy defended his position to legalize adult use of marijuana because the of the expense of the drug war.  Other topics included NSA surveillance, fair trade and NAFTA, and Obamacare and the insurance market.

Here the entire interview via the NewsRadio 104.9 FM website.

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Miss. GOP favors McDaniel more than Cochran against Childers

According to the Sun Herald’s political blog “Crawdaddy,” McDaniel enjoys more GOP Support vs. Democrat Childers than does Cochran

Reporting on April 1st, Paul Hampton quotes McDaniel aide Noel Fritch as saying, “Interestingly, McDaniel earns 78 percent GOP support against Childers, while Cochran picks up just 71 percent of the state’s Republican voters in his matchup with the Democrat.”

The polling data was provided by Rasmussen and is only available to subscribers.

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Polls show both Cochran & McDaniel beating Childers

Although the 2014 Republican Primary contest for Senate is heating up between Sen. Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel, the Rassmussen Reports March 31st poll shows both decisively defeating the anticipated general election opponent, Democrat Travis Childers.  According to the poll, Cochran would win by 17 points while McDaniel would win by 12 points–either considered a comfortable margin of victory.

With incumbent Republicans fearing that a Tea Party victory in the primary election would set-up a possible loss of a Republican held seat in the general election (as happened to Sen. Dick Lugar (R-IN) in 2012), a 12-point lead for the McDaniel all but eliminates that as a concern for the June 3rd primary.

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Childers’ success partly depends on home region

From the Daily Journal, Bobby Harrison argues that Travis Childers (D) could succeed in winning the U.S. Senate seat in the fall elections–it all depends upon turnout from his home region of Northeast Mississippi.

Harrison derives his opinion from the success of Attorney General Jim Hood, Mississippi’s only statewide-elected Democrat, has experienced.  Hood hasn’t just won the AG seat, he has dominated it with margins of victory just as large as Republicans in statewide elections.

Siting geographical and party biases, Harrison states, “Democrats have a built-in base in the state.  An example of that can be found in the 2008 general election when little-known state Rep. Erik Fleming received 39 percent of the vote with literally no money to spend on the race against the highly popular Cochran.”

Despite all the suppositions and theories, ultimately Harrison concedes, “. . . Childers’ task is not impossible–just highly unlikely.”