4th District Republican Candidate Tom Carter Interviewed on Gulf Coast Mornings

While Steven Palazzo and Gene Taylor are capturing the most media attention, Tom Carter is also in the race to represent the Republican Party in Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District.  The lifelong Mississippian was interviewed on NewsRadio 104.9 FM Gulf Coast Mornings.

Identifying himself as a businessman who has never run for public office (nor voted for nor with Rep. Nancy Pelosi), Carter discussed the need to reduce burdens on businesses to strengthen the economy.  The interview also included Obamacare, the national debt, career politicians, and the defense presence on the Gulf Coast.

Hear the entire interview from the NewRadio 104.9FM website.

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Gene Taylor applauded for voting Nancy Pelosi for Speaker

In 2008, Rep. Gene Taylor cast a vote in favor of elected Rep. Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.  C-Span captured the moment.

Pelosi and Taylor

C-SPAN screenshot of Rep. Gene Taylor receiving a standing ovation in the House chamber after voting Nancy Pelosi for Speaker

After Taylor switched parties earlier this year, the June 3rd Republican Primary for Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District will determine if voters remember or care.

Gene Taylor Takes The Credit

Gene Taylor, Republican candidate for Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District, called into Paul Gallo’s radio show on Tuesday, March 11th.  An edited radio clip portrays Taylor as just about taking all the credit for Hurricane Katrina relief to the exclusion of Gov. Haley Barbour.

The complete audio from the 7 AM hour is available from SuperTalk Mississippi.  The interview starts at the 34:14 point of the show archive, runs for almost 24 minutes, but doesn’t paint any more humbler a picture of Taylor.

During the interview, Taylor indirectly indicates that he is pro-gun and pro-life.  When Gallo asked him what changed about the Republican Party changed, Taylor paraphrases the Ronald Reagan quote that he didn’t leave the Democrat Party left him over the years and the Republican Party is now closer to his beliefs.

Gallo also asked about Taylor’s 2008 vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House, NAFTA, Keesler AFB, shipbuilding, and ObamaCare.

Taylor’s positions as indicated in the interview:

  • On Nancy Pelosi:  It was a vote he shouldn’t have cast, he regrets, and in hindsight he would have voted for Rep. Jack Murtha (D-PA).
  • On NAFTA:  He is against it and thinks it has been bad for Mississippi.
  • On Keesler AFB:  Upset about the recent announcement that the Air Force is moving aircraft from Keesler to Arkansas.
  • On Shipbuilding:  Took credit for much of the industry on the coast and his influence in that area.
  • ObamaCare:  Stated that he has repeatedly said that the bill is bad and should be repealed.