2014 State and National General Election Summary

The 114th U.S. Congress started earlier this month following a wild 2014 midterm election. The following websites capture those 2014 election results in various formats and perspectives:

2014 Election results by Congressional District (Courtesy of the New York Times).

2014 Election results by Congressional District (Courtesy of the New York Times).

Clarion-Ledger: State’s gay marriage ban’s days appear numbered

On October 6th, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear appeals from 5 states where lower courts ruled same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional.  By refusing to hear those appeals, the bans on same-sex marriage are overturned and the Supreme Court is unlikely to rule in favor of any bans in the future.

Geoff Pender reports that many legal experts believe it is only a matter of time before Mississippi’s ban will be overturned.  Even state Representative Andy Gipson (R-77), Pastor of Gum Springs Baptist Church, says to prepare for Mississippi’s constitutional ban to be overturned.

Gov. Phil Bryant remains defiant, “In 2004, over 86 percent of Mississippi voters supported a constitutional amendment providing that marriage in Mississippi is valid only between a man and a woman.  I will continue to uphold the constitution of the state of Mississippi.”

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Democrat Primary U.S. Senate Candidate: Jonathan Rawl

Outside of his inclusion on the Secretary of State’s sample ballot, little is available about Jonathan Rawl.  According to the Huffington Post, Rawl is a newcomer to Mississippi politics.

This post will be updated if and when information becomes available.

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Democrat Primary U.S. Senate Candidate: Travis Childers

Former Rep. Travis Childers is the leading candidate for the Democrat nomination for U.S. Senate in Mississippi.  Winning the 2008 Election for Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District, Childers lost his re-election bid after 1 term to Alan Nunnelee.  Despite that, the potentially demanding Republican Primary could improve his opportunities in the deeply Republican state.

By all accounts a conservative Democrat, Childers his voting record appears to support that.  He voted to censure Rep. Charles Rangel (D) in 2010, to establish a timeline for withdrawal from Afghanistan, and against the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  Childers affirms a solid record of working across party lines and insists he will put Mississippi’s middle class first.

In any event Childers has an uphill battle.  In 2008, the last time a Democrat vied for a Mississippi Senate seat, former governor Ronnie Musgrove (D) fell to Sen. Roger Wicker (R) by 10 points.  No official campaign website or other listing of positions is currently available.  This post will be updated if either becomes known.

With a history in Mississippi Politics, below is some of the internet chatter available about Childers:

Democrat Primary U.S. Senate Candidate: Bill Marcy

Bill Marcy is no stranger to politics.  Marcy ran unsuccessfully for Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District against Bennie Thompson twice as a Tea Party Republican.

Describing himself as “a conservative with Libertarian leanings” On NewsRadio 104.9’s Gulf Coast Mornings, Marcy said, “I am not happy with the Democratic or Republican Party.”  When asked about his switch from Republican to Democrat, Marcy stated, “We switched so that we could bring in the black base. We are very open about that. Black folks just won’t vote for a Republican. . .”

If successful, Marcy would become the first black Senator from Mississippi since 1881.

Marcy spells out his positions on his 2012 campaign website as follows:

  • Economy:  The tax and spend mentality of our President and the Democrat-led congress is making it harder to create new private industry jobs. The only way out of this recession is to permanently lower taxes and cut the size of government.  Opposes the 1993 NAFTA agreement.
  • Taxes:  Believes the tax burden is abusive and has been used for political reward or punishment.  Willing to pay for constitutional items such as national defense, bridges and highways but not pork.  Supports the Fair Tax plan.
  • Bail-outs:  Against bailing out people or businesses that created the current economic crisis.  Believes that no one and nothing is “too big to fail”.
  • Education:  Wants to requires all students to study the U.S. Constitution.  Supports education vouchers to drive competition to improve quality education; tax dollars should follow the given child, not the schools.
  • Drug Legalization:  Supports legalizing marijuana use for adults.
  • Defense:  Believes in a strong national defense as this is the first responsibility of government as outlined in the U.S. Constitution.
  • Energy:  “Drill here, Drill Now!”  Incredulous that U.S. policy does not take advantage of domestic resources.
  • Health Care:  Does not believe our health care system is broken but the best in the world; Against the takeover of healthcare under Obamacare which has destroyed full-time jobs.  Supports Health Savings Accounts.  Wants to guarantee insurance portability from job to job and across state lines.  Supports tort reform to reduce cost of healthcare.
  • Immigration:  Wants to enforce existing laws.  Supports legal immigration but need to secure the borders not only to prevent illegal immigration but to prevent terrorists from entering.
  • Abortion:  “[A]bortion is really the killing of unborn children.”
  • Marriage:  Supports the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman.
  • 2nd Amendment:  “[G]uarantees law-abiding citizens’ right to bear arms. This is not up for debate.”
  • 10th Amendment:  Believes the need for a limited central government with most everything delegated to the states.

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The real work remains in Hobby Lobby vs. Obamacare

The experts say Hobby Lobby had a good day in the Supreme Court yesterday:

Even if what the Cato Institute tweeted is true, the work has just begun as Dr. Chuck Harding points out:

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Establishment vs. Tea Party

With former Miss. Gov. Haley Barbour and his lobbying firm, Washington-BGR, fully behind Sen. Thad Cochran in his re-election bid, the Cochran campaign is painting support for challenger Chris McDaniel as all out-of-state and uninterested in Mississippi.

The 2014 Primary between Cochran and McDaniel will demonstrate definitively whether Mississippians are ready to sacrifice federal funding for smaller government or not.  As Wyatt Emmerich notes,

The race between Chris McDaniel and Thad Cochran for U.S. senator is crystallizing Mississippi’s great political irony.

Mississippi is one of the most conservative states in the nation, yet it receives the most federal aid. We are the ultimate welfare state.

For decades, this little irony was swept under the rug. Our politicians would talk about cutting federal spending one day and boast about bringing home the pork the next.

With the scary ballooning of federal debt and the rise of the tea party, the McDaniel-Cochran race is finally forcing the issue. Mississippi voters are going to have to decide — is it ideology or pork they prefer.

Used to be a candidate like McDaniel couldn’t raise the money to rock the boat. This has changed. There are a half-dozen deep-pocketed national tea party PACs and they love McDaniel.

Barbour stated in Politico, “These guys and the McDaniel campaign — none of them are from Mississippi — will learn that Mississippians appreciate Thad Cochran for good reason.”  McDaniel is currently serving as a Mississippi state Senator, was born in Laurel, and attended William Carey University and University of Mississippi School of Law.

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WaPo: Democrat Childers running for Senate in Mississippi

Travis Childers will be the Democrat nominee vying for the Mississippi Senate seat currently held by Sen. Thad Cochran reports the Washington Post in Democrat Childers running for Senate in Mississippi.

Childers, considered a conservative Democrat and “credible” challenger by the Huffington Post and Politico, represented Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District after winning the 2008 election but was unseated in 2010 by the current Representative, Alan Nunnelee (R).  His campaign press release touts him as “pro-gun and pro-life” and he received the NRA’s endorsement during the 2008 campaign.

With incumbent Thad Cochran facing a tough Primary challenger in Chris McDaniel, energy could shift to Childers who is considered a long shot for the seat that is considered firmly in Republican control according to the Rothenberg Political Report ratings.

Pundits believe a McDaniel victory in the Republican Primary could seriously shift Childer’s potential for a victory in the November Elections.  The Republican nominee will be determined in the June 3rd Primary Election.

“All Animals Are Equal”

Animal FarmIn George Orwell’s 1945 allegorical novel, two young pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, lead a revolt against Mr. Jones to take-over the farm which they rename “Animal Farm.”  While attempting to establish a utopia they think humans failed to create for them, Snowball and Napoleon establish the Seven Commandments of Animalism with the 7th and most important being “All animals are equal.”

In the subsequent struggles for power, the pigs take-over and Napoleon runs-off Snowball and declares himself the leader.  Over the years, the pigs began to resemble the humans they once detested and the seven commandments are ultimately reduced to a single phrase, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Our nation’s obsession with civil rights is beginning to make some special interests groups more equal than others.  The current debate in Arizona over the right of a baker to refuse service to a person with whom he disagrees illustrates this.

If a merchant refuses service on personal, religious convictions, it is considered offensive, bigoted, and unlawful:

However, if a gay person refuses service to another based on a difference in beliefs, it’s considered heroic:

As long as you are in the preferred group, your “rights” trump others’ rights.  Because in 21st Century America, every one is equal–some are just more equal than others.

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Former Governor Musgrove Supports Gay Marriage & Gay Adoption

In an op-ed written for the Huffington Post, Former Governor Ronnie Musgrove (D-MS) announced his support of gay marriage and adoption.  This announcement reversed a position he once held when, as Governor, he signed a law making it illegal for gays and lesbians to adopt in the state of Mississippi.

The governor stated that his previous action had been guided by his faith.  After some soul-searching inspired by Sen. Rob Portman’s (R-OH) reversal of opinion, Gov. Musgrove now believes that signing into law that prohibition was wrong.  Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) changed his of position on “Gay Rights” following his son’s announcement that he was gay in March of 2013.

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