Childers already stumping for General Election

After securing the Democrat nomination for the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, Travis Childers isn’t wasting time getting his message out.  He kicked-off his campaign yesterday morning and appeared in a live interview with Fox13 in Memphis.  The anchor, Darrell Green, gushed about Childers receiving 75% of the primary vote even though he didn’t gain even half the number of votes either Cochran or McDaniel received.

Childers stated that he didn’t think the 3-week runoff would help or hurt his campaign but does expect the mud-slinging to continue but did acknowledge that if the seat is open, i.e. Thad Cochran is not on the Republican ticket, he will have a better chance.  His biggest concern over the extended primary is the loss of civility in the state.

Childers continued his populist tone by emphasizing principle over party and politics; he will be looking out for the people of Mississippi and not the Democrat Party.  He doesn’t believe in right and left but right and wrong.  In what could be considered a slight to Cochran, Childers said that it is possible to be in Washington too long and lose touch with their constituency.

For Childers, he will engage the state and focus on families and the biggest issue facing Mississippi, jobs.  He blamed the Republican candidates for completely neglecting discussion of these two issues during their campaigns.

To see the entire interview, click Childers To Face Cochran-McDaniel Runoff Winner In Fall.



McDaniel Interviewed on Fox 13

Chris McDaniel, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, appeared on Fox 13 (Memphis) recently.  He answers several questions ranging from Obamacare, his political background, and his opponent, Sen. Thad Cochran, while hitting on fiscal responsibility, values, and convictions.

Mississippi’s Primary Election is June 3rd.