Busy April Fools’ Day for State Legislature

The Mississippi Legislature had a busy day and passed several bills despite some significant opposition to several of them.  Below are the bills that have been sent to Gov. Phil Bryant for signature with some comments from Twitter.

Senate Bill 2681, Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act, received significant opposition and was labeled as discriminatory.  A similar bill in Arizona raised national attention but was ultimately vetoed by Gov. Jan Brewer.  Mississippi Center for Public Policy (MCPP) had several interesting comments:

SB 2681 wasn’t passed without some objections:

Remarkably, House Bill 1400, which prohibits abortion after 20-weeks, passed both the House and Senate and Gov. Bryant is ready to sign into law:

What some are calling a compromise, House Bill 504, Teacher Pay Raise, will provide for pay raises based on meritorious achievement.  Few are entirely satisfied but many are thankful to have passed something including Mississippi Delta Sen. Derrick Simmons:

Sen. Brice Wiggins of Pascagoula authored and pushed forward Senate Bill 2579, Marine Resources and Accountability and Reorganization Act, to reform the Department of Marine Resources (DMR) after widespread corruption was discovered recently in the organization.

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Sun Herald: Mississippi lawmakers feel pressure over religion bill

The issues confronting the Miss. Legislature of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act are addressed in the Sun Herald’s Mississippi lawmakers feel pressure over religion bill.

The Miss. Senate passed Senate Bill 2681 earlier this year while the Miss. House will debate the bill next week.  While the most divisive provisions (the ones that caused the national outcry over Arizona’s passing in a similar bill) have been removed, opponents still see the bill as unnecessary or still allowing discrimination.  Supporters of the original language of the bill question why the bill is needed at all if it only reaffirms the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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