Fight against “adult entertainment” on Canal Road

On February 18th, the Harrison County Planning Commission held their regular meeting and heard a petition to allow “a form of Adult Entertainment” at 18009 Tillman Road.  The subject property is 1,700 feet south of Faith Baptist Church on the corner of Canal Road and Tillman Road.

The following information was available from the Planning Commission proposed agenda posted on the Harrison County website:

Case File 1602HC018 – Other to allow the establishment a juice bar with exotic dancers in accordance to Section 305 Non-Classified Uses – Old Hwy 49– tax parcel 0610H-01-001.001 – Ronald Nance for Danielle Fayard – Supervisor District 3

Said petition was filed by Ronald Nance for Danielle Fayard requesting to add a form of Adult Entertainment in conjunction with a Juice Bar on a 0.6-acre parcel of land as identified on the site plan. Section 305 requires the Planning Commission to make a determination of the district or districts in which such use shall be permitted, either by right or on a conditional basis. The property is currently zoned as C-1 (Neighborhood Commercial) and R-2 (Medium Density Residential) District. The subject property is located at 18009 Tillman Road. The ad valorem tax parcel number is 0610H-01-001.001.

According to church members in attendance, the issue was tabled until a future meeting. The property is easily recognizable to those travelling on Canal Road and a photo of the proposed site from Google Maps is below.

18009 Tillman Rd

Site of proposed adult entertainment venue on Canal Road

Per Mississippi law, counties have authority to regulate adult entertainment. Per Section 305 of the Harrison County Zoning Ordinance, adult entertainment is a “Non-Classified Uses” and therefore requires planning commission approval:

For any use not specifically listed, the planning commission shall make a determination of the district or districts in which such use shall be permitted, either by right or on a conditional basis. Any such determination shall be based on the subject use’s similarity in nature, intensity of land use impact and general character to other uses listed in the various districts.

While the location is within District 3, all church members and residents of Harrison County need to come together and tell our Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission that such establishments are not desired anywhere in Harrison County let alone on Canal Road.  Notify your Supervisor and plan to attend future Board of Supervisors Meetings and Planning Boards.

Harrison County Board of Supervisors:

Harrison County residents can determine the district of their resident via their voter registration card or by viewing the district map.

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Gillich elected mayor of Biloxi after special election runoff

After the April 28th special election trimmed the crowded field to two, Fofo Gilich was convincingly elected with 60 percent of the vote over opponent Windy Swetman. Gilich was sworn into office on May 18th and will serve out the term of former and long time Biloxi mayor A.J. Holloway who resigned earlier this year.

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10 candidates qualify for Biloxi mayor special election

The field of candidates to replace former mayor A. J. Holloway is set for the April 28th special election:

  1. Victor Ainsworth: ran against Councilman David Fayard for council in 2013
  2. David Bull: owns Bernie’s Restaurant in Biloxi, ran against former mayor A.J. Holloway in the last election
  3. Cono Caranna, II: former district attorney, said he will serve the two-year term without pay
  4. Andrew “FoFo” Gilich: software engineer ran against Holloway for mayor in past elections
  5. Felix Gines: Councilman, serves in the Air National Guard
  6. Kenny Glavan: Councilman, manager of Sheraton Four Points hotel in Biloxi
  7. Pat Morris: assistant to the director at Keesler’s Fisher House, member of former Gov. Haley Barbour’s and Holloway’s commissions after Hurricane Katrina
  8. Dixie Newman: Councilman, rallied public and private support to revitalize Hiller Park
  9. Windy Swetman, III: Harrison County supervisor, organized and opened a senior center in East Biloxi
  10. Paul Tisdale: Councilman, former superintendent of Biloxi School District

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Special Election set to determine Biloxi mayor

The Biloxi City Council set the mayoral special election for April 28th. The position became vacant when former mayor A.J. Holloway resigned on March 5th after serving 22 years. Kenny Glavan is serving as the acting mayor until the special election.

Candidates must qualify for the special election by April 8th. The following have announced their intent to run:

  • Cono Caranna, former Harrison County district attorney
  • Andrew Gilich
  • Felix Gines, Biloxi Councilman
  • Dixie Newman, Biloxi Councilman
  • Windy Swetman, Harrison County Supervisor
  • Paul Tisdale, Biloxi Councilman

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Harrison County Supervisor selected for District 4

John Johnson has been selected to serve as the interim District 4 Supervisor for the remainder of former Supervisor William Martin’s term which ends this year. Johnson is a former Harrison County School Board member.

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Harrison County to replace 2nd supervisor since December

Harrison County District 4 Supervisor William Martin was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his home on February 25th. Martin had been indicted on bribery and related charges to which his attorney said he planned to plead guilty.

Martin is the second supervisor that will be replaced after Kim Savant resigned his District 2 seat in December 2014 for unrelated federal charges. The other county supervisors, Windy Swetman, Joe Meadows, Marlin Ladner, and Connie Rockco, will appoint a replacement to serve out Martin’s term. A special election is not required since this is an election year.

Four candidates have qualified to run for the District 4 seat in the November election.

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City of Gulfport to vote on bonds for Gulfport High School

The city of Gulfport is holding a special election on May 27th to decide whether to sell $41.2 Million of bonds to build a new Gulfport High School.  If passed, the initiative would cost the average taxpayer $50 per year.

The Committee for Excellence in Education says that Gulfport High doesn’t have the curb appeal that new schools do.  The new school would provide larger, more functional classrooms and meet modern technology demands.

The new facility would also address safety concerns and reduce the number of access points from over 70 in the current facility to just 4.  Administration spaces would be centralized to provide better service to parents.

For more information, see WLOX’s report Group pushes bond issue for new Gulfport High School.

8-Years After Katrina, Biloxi Projects Yet to Start

Biloxi infrastructure repairs and upgrades contracted from FEMA’s $355 million post-Katrina grant to the city have yet to start.  Among the remaining improvements are several miles of storm drains and sewer and water lines  in Biloxi’s residential and commercial areas, particularly Ward 1 and Ward 2.

Biloxi council president Paul Tisdale and other council members expressed concern that several projects were taking too long and that the contractor, HNTB, was not making satisfactory progress.  Tisdale also acknowledged that the work will be very intrusive but city operations must continue.

Biloxi withheld HNTB’s latest invoice due to concerns about the completion timeline.

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