Congress Declares National “Year of the Bible”

Our nation was founded as a Christian nation upon the Holy Bible! While you wouldn’t expect to hear that come from Washington, DC today, as recently as 33 years ago the U.S. Congress passed Public Law 97-280 making 1983 the “Year of the Bible.”

In their joint resolution, Congress not only recognized the Holy Bible as the Word of God, they acknowledged the Bible’s unique contribution to the foundation of our country and the blessings that followed our history. Echoing the sentiments of the founding fathers, the law quotes President Jackson who stated that the Bible is “the rock on which our Republic rests,” acknowledges “the value of voluntarily applying the teaching of the Scriptures in the lives of individuals, families, and societies,” and calls upon the nation to “to study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.”

The entire text below is courtesy of the Government Publishing Office.

Public Law 97-280

Public Law 97-280

Vote in Tomorrow’s Primary Runoff Election

Tomorrow, August 25th, is the runoff election for the parties and offices that were unable to select a candidate during the August 4th Primary. Any race that was unable to support a single candidate with 50% plus one of the votes submitted must compete the top two candidates in the Tuesday runoff to select a candidate for the November 3rd General Election.

Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties all have Republican Party runoffs but only Harrison County has a Democrat Party runoff.

To vote in a runoff, you must be a registered voter and have either voted in that party’s primary or not voted in any primary. To see your specific ballot, visit the Mississippi Secretary of State Polling Place Locator.

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MS News Now: “Brandon High School Band pulled from halftime performance”

MS News Now filed the report “Brandon High School Band pulled from halftime performance” on Aug. 21, 2015:

BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) – The Brandon High School Band did not perform at halftime during the season-opening game Friday night.  A statement from the Rankin County School District says a July federal court order is the reason the band was banned from Friday night’s halftime show.

The band had been slated to perform the hymn “How Great Thou Art.”

The district made the decision to ban the halftime show after learning the hymn was included in the performance.

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Harrison County sheriff race highlights August 25th runoff

Incumbent Sheriff Melvin Brisolara was pushed to a runoff with Troy Peterson in the August 4th Republican Primary. The two debated on Thursday, August 13th and largely agreed on priorities but dissented about whether their implementation has been adequate and also differed on the future management of the department. The winner of the August 25th runoff will become the Harrison County sheriff as there is no Democrat opponent for the November 3rd general election.

Also in the Harrison County Republican runoff, Ricky Dombrowski and Angel Kibler-Middleton will square off for District 2 County Supervisor, Tonya Wayne Ladner and Darrin Ladner  for District 5 County Supervisor, and James Morgan and Richard H. Quave for District 1 Constable.

The Democrat Primary will only see one runoff in Harrison County; Chris Fisher and Kent Jones will vie for the party’s nod for District 4 County Supervisor.

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Democrat shocker highlights 2015 Primary Election

Incumbents mostly won the day in Mississippi Gulf Coast primary elections on August 4th. The biggest surprise of the election came in the Democrat primary for Governor. Political unknown Robert Gray won the primary against the Democrat’s chose standard-bearer Vicki Slater. Slater, an accomplished trial lawyer and small business owner, had been the MS Democrat Party favorite and received the most endorsements of any of the primary candidates. Gray, a retired firefighter and truck driver, will face Gov. Phil Bryant and Reform Party candidate Shawn O’Hara in the November 3rd General Election.

County primaries were mixed with several races heading to runoff elections on August 25th:


  • Hancock County Supervisor, District 5: Tonya Wayne Ladner and Darrin Ladner
  • Harrison County Sheriff: Melvin Brisolara and Troy Peterson
  • Harrison County Supervisor, District 2: Ricky Dombrowski and Angel Kibler-Middleton
  • Harrison County Constable, District 1: James Morgan and Richard H. Quave
  • Jackson County Circuit Clerk: Randy Carney and J.T. Martin
  • Jackson County Tax Assessor: Nicholas Elmore and Greta Hearndon
  • Jackson County Supervisor, District 1: Barry E. Cumbest and Sabrina Smith
  • Jackson County Supervisor, District 3: Michael R. Whitmore and Ken Taylor
  • Jackson County Supervisor, District 4: Tommy Brodnax and Troy Ross
  • Jackson County Justice Court Judge, District 1: Gerald Wayne Jones and Matt Lachaussee
  • Jackson County Justice Court Judge, District 4: David McVeay and Daniel P. Guice, III

DEMOCRAT PRIMARY RUNOFF: Harrison County Supervisor, District 4: Chris Fisher and Kent Jones

Complete results from the primary election are linked below.

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Investor, Gulfport plan Creosote Road Extension

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) held a public hearing regarding wetland fill and mitigations for a planned 1,300 acre project that includes extending Creosote Road from West of the Premium Outlets to Canal Road. A 30-day public notice was published June 2nd and a public hearing was conducted July 25th.

Creosote Road Extension

Overview of the Creosote Road extension to Canal Road and the associated development south of I-10

Per the public notice, USACE had determined that the development would not not impact threatened or endangered species or cultural or historic resources in the permit area but they still sought feedback from the federal and state officials and the general public. Of significant general concern at the hearing was the impact to the Turkey Creek Watershed and the Forest Heights and North Gulfport neighborhoods that are known to flood during heaving rains and high water events.

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