10 candidates qualify for Biloxi mayor special election

The field of candidates to replace former mayor A. J. Holloway is set for the April 28th special election:

  1. Victor Ainsworth: ran against Councilman David Fayard for council in 2013
  2. David Bull: owns Bernie’s Restaurant in Biloxi, ran against former mayor A.J. Holloway in the last election
  3. Cono Caranna, II: former district attorney, said he will serve the two-year term without pay
  4. Andrew “FoFo” Gilich: software engineer ran against Holloway for mayor in past elections
  5. Felix Gines: Councilman, serves in the Air National Guard
  6. Kenny Glavan: Councilman, manager of Sheraton Four Points hotel in Biloxi
  7. Pat Morris: assistant to the director at Keesler’s Fisher House, member of former Gov. Haley Barbour’s and Holloway’s commissions after Hurricane Katrina
  8. Dixie Newman: Councilman, rallied public and private support to revitalize Hiller Park
  9. Windy Swetman, III: Harrison County supervisor, organized and opened a senior center in East Biloxi
  10. Paul Tisdale: Councilman, former superintendent of Biloxi School District

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