2015 Election Preview: Summary of Statewide Offices

Mississippi’s 8 statewide offices are on the 2015 election ballot and all 8 incumbents are running for re-election with at least 1 challenger in either the primary or general election if not both.

  1. Governor:  See 2015 Candidates for Governor
  2. Lieutenant Governor:  See 2015 Candidates for Lieutenant Governor
  3. Attorney General:  See 2015 Candidates for Attorney General
  4. Auditor:  See 2015 Candidates for State Auditor
  5. Secretary of State:  Incumbent Republican Delbert Hosemann will face Democrat Charles E. Graham in the general election.
  6. Agriculture and Commerce Commissioner:  Incumbent Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith will face Democrat Addie Lee Green in the general election.
  7. Insurance Commissioner:  Incumbent Republican Mike Chaney will face fellow Republican John Mosely in the primary election.
  8. Treasurer:  Incumbent Republican Lynn Fitch will face fellow Republican David McRae in the primary election.

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