McDaniel turns tables on Cochran

Chris McDaniel attempted to focus the Republican U.S. Senate race on the real issues and differences by announcing his support for Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) Conservative Reform Agenda last week.  Sen. Lee announced his conservative reform agenda last fall which focuses on welfare, education, energy, and right-to-work reforms.

At the announcement, a Thad Cochran aide attempted to derail the release by accusing McDaniel of lying.  McDaniel skillfully responded to the criticisms by calling for Cochran to debate, a proposal the Senator has refused.

The mud-slinging only increased in the wake of the announcement, a likely sign that internal polling is showing a very close race between the incumbent and challenger.

Human Events picked-up on the most recent accusations and documents the attempt to link McDaniel to the recent crimes of a deranged independent blogger despite there being no evidence of a connection.  The left-leaning blogs Daily Kos and Talking Points Memo echoed a report in the Clarion-Ledger attempting to add fuel to the unfounded charges.

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