GOP battling the Tea Party with cash

Incumbent Republicans have been emphasizing their Tea Party challenger’s dependence on “out-of-state” cash leading up to the 2014 Primaries.  But the Tea Party has no corner on such contributions to the Republican Primaries.  After being caught by surprise in 2010 and 2012, establishment Republicans are equally cashing-in on Political Action Committees’ donations as incumbents attempt to thwart  more Tea Party upsets.  The National Journal published the following chart to illustrate the influx of cash into just 3 races in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Mississippi:

Featured in the National Journal's report "Outside Money Pours Into GOP Senate Primries"

Featured in the National Journal’s report “Outside Money Pours Into GOP Senate Primaries”

On the heels of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s announcement that he intends to crush opponents back in March, the establishment has not only relied upon endorsements but upon massive amounts of money.  The GOP is also being much more aggressive at exposing any and all weaknesses of their upstart challengers.

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