Democrat Candidate for U.S. Senate, Bill Marcy, Interviewed on Gulf Coast Mornings

Bill Marcy is running to represent the Democrat Party in the 2014 bid to replace Sen. Thad Cochran in November.  First, he must win the Democrat Primary against Travis Childers June 3rd.

On Friday, April 11th, Marcy was interviewed on NewsRadio 104.9 FM Gulf Coast Mornings.  With host Steve Taylor addressing Marcy’s switch from Republican to Democrat, Marcy openly stated that he is really not happy with either party but that by running as a Democrat, he can capture the black voter base that refuses to vote for a Republican.

Emphasizing that he is a conservative with libertarian leanings, he believes the government is way to involved in people’s lives.  Marcy defended his position to legalize adult use of marijuana because the of the expense of the drug war.  Other topics included NSA surveillance, fair trade and NAFTA, and Obamacare and the insurance market.

Here the entire interview via the NewsRadio 104.9 FM website.

For more information:



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