McDaniel under fire for potentially speaking at a 2nd Amendment ralley that has a vender who is a possible white supremacist

Chris McDaniel may or may not have been confirmed as the keynote speaker for the Firearm Freedom Day event May 17th in Guntown, Miss.  His presence, potential presence, confirmed or not, has become a political landmine since it has been reported that a featured vendor (and possible sponsor) was a white supremacist group.

McDaniel’s campaign has made a couple of statements that McDaniel “was not confirmed” and “never agreed to go and will not go.”

Y’all Politics erroneously reported that the white supremacist group was a sponsor.  After the issue was picked-up by NBC and CNN among others, Y’all Politics clarified, “We found from subsequent postings on the FireArmFreedomDay Facebook page that Pace Confederate Depot was only a confirmed vendor at the event and not a ‘sponsor.'”

The McDaniel campaign has handled the issue clumsily at best.  The situation provides ammunition for Sen. Thad Cochran’s supporters who not only question McDaniel’s readiness for “prime time” but also fear a Tea Party challenger as being defeatable in the general election.

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