McDaniel on the Glenn Beck Radio Program

On March 25th, state Sen. Chris McDaniel appeared on the Glenn Beck Radio program.  The audio of the interview is below followed by a summary of the interview.  A transcript of much of the interview is provided here.

According to McDaniel, Cochran voted for:

  1. Bail-outs for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  2. Increase debt ceiling 11 times for $7.2 Trillion
  3. Higher Income and gas taxes as well as George H.W. Bush’s famous tax increase
  4. Tax-payer funded abortions

Debt Ceiling:  Beck pushed McDaniel on raising the debt ceiling and the troublesome politics that come with not voting against it.  McDaniel replied by saying that the Republican party has stopped standing with courage and principle.  To oppose such things he would stand with Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz.

Eminent Domain:  Beck asked about the fight against eminent domain in the state.  Driven by his support of private property rights, McDaniel fought on the floor of the senate to change the law to protect property owners.  Gov. Haley Barbour was not in favor of reforming the law and vetoed legislation that would reform eminent domain to protect property owners.  Because of principle, McDaniel continued to fight in the Senate but failed to override the Barbour’s veto.  However, shortly thereafter, the state constitution was amended to protect private property rights and so private property rights won the day.

Other issues discussed:

  • Common Core:  Objections to Common Core are based on there not being a constitutional basis for the federal government to be involved in education which is violated by tying federal funding to it.
  • Immigration:  No to amnesty, close the borders, enforce the law.
  • Obamacare:  McDaniel was the state’s lead attorney in the lawsuit against Obamacare and performed pro bono.  He doesn’t want to make it better, he wants to repeal it.
  • 2nd Amendment:  Keeping and bearing arms is an individual right that McDaniel supports.

When asked about how he will fight the Republican establishment that will expect him to compromise his principles to obtain positions of power, McDaniel responded that his “allegiance is to the constitution and the people.”

Beck asked about the status of his soul and McDaniel immediately replied that he is “saved by the grace of God.”


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