Townhall: Cochran Proves the Establishment Isn’t Always the Bad Guy

In the 1970s, Sen. Thad Cochran ran as a Republican when the South was largely Democrat.  He played a significant part in the conservative movement in Washington, DC in the 1980s and 1990s.  With this history, a reputation as a true gentlemen, and the power of the GOP establishment behind him, Townhall reports that this is, in fact, something to be appreciated.

With a perfect record on the most important issues to conservatives, such as Obamacare, gun control, and national defense, Cochran has an unblemished record.  Big government and “pork” are the big issues for his opponent, Chris McDaniel.

However, with massive amounts of tax dollars that are sent overseas to economically stimulate third world countries, Townhall finds that spending those funds in Mississippi (which it likens to an undeveloped country) is better than sending it to another country.  And when real crises strike, such as Hurricane Katrina, Cochran has been able to get federal dollars to restore the state.

Townhall summarizes by saying, “Thad Cochran and his truly beautiful state of Mississippi are a dear and special case and deserve some thoughtful consideration of their own.”

While massive federal funding has built a great reputation for Sen. Cochran, Mississippi remains at the bottom of performance measures such as income, health, and education.  Nevertheless, conservatives rail against welfare for killing personal initiative and locking the recipients into a cycle of dependency.  Unfortunately, the laws of economics apply equally to conservatives and liberals alike.

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