Legislature taking action on more gun-related initiatives

In a previous post, House Bill 314 was introduced as the state legislature’s attempt to prevent local and county jurisdictions from limiting concealed and open carry rights in Mississippi.  The bill also would prohibit public housing authorities from preventing tenants from owning firearms.

The House Judiciary Committees have moved forward on several gun rights bills and it appears that proponents of HB 314 have added the provisions of at least two other House Bills:  HB 485 and HB 705.

  • HB 485:  Prohibits tax-payer funded gun buy-back and destruction programs,
  • HB 705:  Prevents the confiscation of legal weapons and/or ammunition in the event of a state of emergency or if martial law is declared in Mississippi.

House Bill 705 includes provisions of HB 708 and HB 1385:

  • HB 708:  Prohibits confiscation of legally owned firearms
  • HB 1385:  Prevents firearms confiscated in natural disasters

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